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The extremes that athletes who are training at the top of a sport go to with their diets and nutrition are the stuff of legend (and sometimes, news reports!). We all read or hear about weightlifters and marathon runners who consume huge amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to give their bodies what they need for the extreme demands of their sport. You notice that these athletes are lean and muscular so its natural to wonder if you should consider some new kind of diet or nutrition program to “get in shape”.

It’s a good thing to get serious about getting in shape and in doing so, if you read through health and fitness magazines, you will be amazed at the amount of advertising going on for diet supplements that are targeted at athletes to help them give their bodies what it takes to build lots of muscle. So if you are tempted to try out one of those “miracle” supplement programs but you hold off because the costs are high, you are using good sense and should be congratulated for thinking twice before falling for a slick marketing ad that will deliver a product that may be a scam or at least not a product that the average person who wants to get in shape either wants or needs. Some products may even cause harm to your health.

If you belong to a gym where you meet people who have made body building a serious part of their program, you have a natural resource right at your disposal so ask them what kind of diet supplements they use and what they thing about all those products that are advertised in health and fitness magazines. You will certainly find a good share of skepticism and distrust. You can tell from the ads in the magazines that many are aimed at the uninformed and at people who think that a pill is a quick path to that magnificent sculpted body of a bodybuilder.

In fact, these advertisements are an insult to a real bodybuilder who has devoted himself to hours and hours of working out over weeks and months, even years, to achieve the muscle that he or she has. That great looking shape is not the result of some supplements that bodybuilder may have swallowed. Rather it is the result of very hard work and determination which is what it takes top achieve great things in any discipline. If you get the chance to interview someone at the gym about it, you may find that they do supplements their diets for greater muscle growth but for the most part that is done with additional carbohydrates and protein in their diets.

If these real life bodybuilders do use a supplement, it may be a protein shake ar an energy bar from time to time and those will be the products that they recommend. You can trust the advice of some one who is really having success buidling the body that you may wish to have someday. Not only will that advice guide you to the right path of nutrition and exercise where you are in your program right now, it will save you a lot of money not sending off for phony products you see being advertised in body building magazines.

Please, also , remember that You should always consult you doctor or health professional before starting any new exercise or nutrition program.

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